ZF S5-42 Shifter Stub Boot
ZF S5-42 Shifter Stub Boot Spiuk Rocca MTB

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Product Description:ZF S5-42 Shifter Stub Boot, 1307306236 Fits 1985-1995 Ford F250 / F350 / F450, 3/4 and 1 ton Pickups Interchanges with F4TZ-7277-A
Product Features:
  • ZF S5-42 Shifter Stub Boot
Category:Automotive Parts and Accessories
Product Type:auto part
Part Number:1307 306 236
Quantity of Items in a Package:1
Package Dimensions:
Length4.6 in11.68 cm
Width4.2 in10.67 cm
Height4 in10.16 cm
Package Weight:
2.24 oz63.5 g
about 1 chicken egg

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