DXE5338CD - Hot Cups Paper
DXE5338CD - Hot Cups Paper Spiuk Rocca MTB

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Manufacturer: Dixie

Brand Dixie
Part Number DXE5338CD 5338CD
UPC 078731985774
MPN DXE5338CD 5338CD
EAN 0078731985774
Catalog Number DXE5338CD
Manufacturer Dixie
Number Of Items 1000
Publisher Dixie
Studio Dixie
Product Group BISS
Product Type Name KITCHEN
Label Dixie
List Price $116.19
Item Dimensions - Height 2288 hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions - Width 1281 hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions - Length 1594 hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions - Weight 95 hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions - Height 1270 hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions - Width 1560 hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions - Length 2300 hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions - Weight 1890 hundredths-pounds
Package Quantity 1000

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