Thai professional cooking BY CHEF NAME


Thai professional cooking BY CHEF NAME

Learn how to make Thai food and snack quick.

This is the course will make you feel a little bit closer to Thailand by food.
This course is combined the 10 popular Thai dishes for you to learn with fun. 
And as everybody know cooking is not just to put everything together and become food, So this course is not only teach you how to cook but also you will learn about the Thai cooking technique to make it perfect. And you will learn about Authentic Thai ingredients to make you understand why people love Thai food.

1. This course is for all student’s level and it’s easy to understand.
2. Teach in English and provided English subtitle all the way is cooking.
3. Only need simple kitchen equipment.
4. You can cook it at home.
5. Provided the great recipe
6. It is fun!!!!^^ 

Start Now Thai professional cooking BY CHEF NAME

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